Balinese Delight



Jejeruk Ayam: IDR 65.000
Shredded roasted chicken, beans, grated grilled coconut, infused with exotic spices reduction and fried tuber vegetables

Ayam Betutu: IDR 115.000
Balinese style oven roasted chicken with spices served with long beans, steamed rice and sambal

Nasi Bali: IDR 88.000
A flavorful Balinese dish of steamed rice, satay lilit (minced fish satay), Ayam betutu (Balinese style chicken) kacang panjang bejek (long beans), ayam pelalah (shredded spicy chicken), orek tempe (sautéed bean cake) peyek (crispy cracker), sambal matah

Satay Lilit: IDR 80.000
Grilled minced fish satay served with sautéed long beans, steamed rice and sambal

Kambing Mekuah: IDR 125.000
Lamb stew Balinese style served with sautéed long beans, steamed rice and sambal

Ayam Pelalah: IDR 70.000
Spicy shredded chicken served with sautéed long beans, steamed rice and sambal

Sari Laut Bumbu Bali: IDR 398.000
Balinese style grilled tiger prawn, baby snapper, calamari and crab marinated with Balinese spices served with yellow rice and white rice

Nasi Goreng Kampung: IDR 80.000
Fried rice Balinese style served with grilled prawn and shrimp crackers

Indonesian Set (For 2 persons)

Bebek Meguling: IDR 250.000
This ancient way of cooking by using coconut husk -fired flame will give a smoky flavor to the duck. Combined with Balinese spices and cassava leaves the texture and taste is superb. Served with steamed rice , sambal and Assorted fruits for dessert.

Megibung gabah: IDR 298.000
A special dish consisting of be sampi menyat nyat (stewed beef), jejeruk ayam (shredded coconut chicken), sate lilit and sate ayam (fish and chicken sate), pepes ikan (steamed fish in banana leaf), jukut mekuah (vegetable soup), rempeyek (cracker) variety of sambal served with steamed white rice and turmeric rice, assorted fruits for dessert
Prepared only for gatherings or ceremonies to show equality between participants.

Rijsttafel Rama (Meat): IDR 285.000
An assortment of delicious Indonesian dishes starting with soto ayam (chicken soup with turmeric). Main courses to consist of ayam pelalah (shredded chicken), ayam panggang bumbu kuning, kambing mekuah(Balinese lamb stew), nasi putih (steamed rice) and nasi kuning (turmeric rice)
For dessert is bubur injin pandan (pandan leaf flavored sticky rice pudding)

Bojana Bali: IDR 288.000
Balinese Rijsttafel characteristic, start with fish gerang asem soup, continued with main course:
Sate lilit (minced fish skewer), Pepes ikan (steamed fish in banana leaf), steamed fish coconut sauce, mixed vegetables Balinese spice served with white rice or yellow rice and shrimp crackers. The dessert is bubur injin (sticky black rice pudding) flavored with pandan leaf